Optimise the Costs of  Utilities

Property owners  are faced with a barrage of choices related to applicable tariffs and the harrowing task of  metering key utility supply points. If these are not attended to adequately, it may lead to significant cost increases on their buildings which could otherwise have been diverted to a healthier bottom-line. In South Africa, it is common cause that Utility Services Providers i.e Municipalities, generally provide a highly inadequate service to their consumers. For this reason alone, it is imperative that utility costs are monitored closely to avoid these financial pitfalls.

Optimise the Resale of Utilities

Most landlords or management agents become re-sellers of utility services by virtue of the fact they resell these services to their tenants. In the case of Electricity, all tenants have to be charged according to existing municipal by-laws and regulations mandated under the auspices of NERSA, the current custodian of the Electricity Regulation Act of 2006.

Smart Water Interventions

Sustained water supply is becoming an increasing concern due to poor  strategic infrastructure planning and maintenance at both provincial and central government  level as was seen in the Western Cape in recent times. This will lead to further punitive water tariffs. There is also a need for accurate measurement and profile interval readings of water consumptions to assist consumers to understand where they waste or lose water.